Lead Data Engineer / Senior Data Architect

Singapore · Full-time · Senior

About The Position

Relevant Skills

Google Cloud Platform, Facebook API, Google API, Python, Scala, BigQuery, Dataflow, PubSub, Airflow, SQL, BigData analytics, data warehousing, ETL pipelines, backend development, DevOps

About The Company

ReFUEL4 is Singapore’s leading SaaS startup focusing on creative (image/video) production and AdTech in advertising industry. Being a disruptive creative production platform, we developed data-driven and AI-centric technologies to make digital advertising more efficient and intelligent than it ever was. We have offices in Singapore, US, and Philippines serving clients globally.

About The Position

Both technical excellence and leadership skills are the key to the success of this role. Are you someone who can solve challenging problems? You don’t just know coding, more importantly, you are technically extremely competent, you know how to tackle problems innovatively, and you work effectively with people. Programming language is merely a tool for you, making an impact is your real goal.

ReFUEL4’s DATA team is not made up of your typical software engineers. We are a team of people with diverse skill sets including deep learning, software engineering, computer vision, DevOps, statistics, and data engineering, and analytics. With core R&D of the company being the team's main responsibility, we do not limit your job scope, or, your potential. The only limit you may have is yourself.

Data Engineering and Release Engineering are the two main responsibilities you will have. You will start off by leading efforts on renovating data pipelines on top of Google Cloud Platform, followed by building a team of data engineers as well as enhancing supports to the company’s AI product offerings. Furthermore, you will also be tasked on meaningful and diverse projects requiring skills you don't necessarily possess.


  • Self-management
  • Implement ETL pipelines involving streaming data and batch data using Google’s technology stack, and ensure data is of high quality and ingested in timely manner
  • Continuously build scalable, consumable, and analyzable data infrastructure
  • Collaborate well with your fellow teammates and internal teams
  • Be the coach and role model of junior data engineers
  • Release engineering


  • Hands-on experience in Python, Scala, Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, Dataflow, PubSub, Airbnb Airflow, and Graph DB
  • Comprehensive understanding of data structures, algorithms, data analytics, threading, memory management, coding principles
  • Experience in web backend services development and DevOps
  • Flexible, problem solving, and analytical mindset
  • Experience in FB Marketing API or Google APIs
  • Master's degree or above in relevant disciplines
  • Knowledge in any of the followings would be a plus:

            image processing, basic video coding

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